Our Farm Stand
Our Farm Stand is located right on the farm just a few feet away from the fields and
greenhouses.  We pick fresh produce, herbs and flowers every day we are open. We offer
certified organic produce from our farm,  herbs,  flowers, honey,  bread,  exotic spices and
beautiful tablecloths and linens from Provence. We also encourage people to tour the
fields and greenhouses while they are visiting.

Our bread is made by Howard Kaplan,  home baker extraordinaire.  He is a wonderful
artisan baker and has a passion for bread making. He has studied his bread making
techniques in France and continues to travel for pleasure and to learn new methods of
baking.  We are honored to have his bread at our Farm.

Butch Foster is the bee keeper and owner of the hives.  He also owns and operates Old
Orchard Farm in East Lyme where every fall you can buy fresh cider, apple pies, and

Bees are an essential part of the farm ecosystem through their work as pollinators.  The
local honey they produce is reputed to be one of the best defences against allergies.  

We look forward to your visit!
Howard and Amelia
Butch Foster working on hives
We are very sorry to disappoint all of our loyal and enthusiastic friends and
customers, but because of health problems we are not growing this year, and will not
be open to the public.  We hope to resume farming in the spring of 2009.

In the meantime, we will be planting cover crops and otherwise working to improve
the health of our farm's soil.  It,  too, can use a bit of a rest.

Many Thanks,
Michael & Amelia